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awww.. man

woo haven't updated in a while! nothing really happenes.. that's why.... well, it was christmas.. and new year's eve. but we didn't do anything for christmas except open presents.. adn new year's eve we sat in reno and watched tv with friends. it was good. because i beat Halo on new year's eve. woooo for not have a social life! whenever i call my friends noone answers because they are busy possibly? ahhahahaha yyeeaahhh ............ or do you guys just not like me? oh well, i have a ton of homework that needs done.. and well, i don't feel like doing it! i already cleaned! buwhahah. soo there that's what you get algebra! ok.. i'm so out of it today. i made a icon that says 'where my hoochies at?!' to much of my amusement. i think ashley is gonna like that.
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